We work hard to ensure that our customers get the very best that the real estate market can afford. We do this knowing all too well that the internet is not a secure or safe place if you mishandle information. It is for this reason that we have a privacy statement that is strict and which we follow to the letter.

When in the service of ensuring that you get the best rental or bought home, we do require that you provide us with certain personal information such us your name, email address, postal address and telephone number: This also to the sellers. The technologies also you’re your personal information such as browser history, IP address and geo-location.  We also have caches which help us acquire and know your browsing preferences.

When we collect your personal identifiable information or any other type of personal information, we use it for four main reasons. The first reason is to enable us to communicate with you and to respond to all of your requests and comments. The second reason is to optimize the way we offer services to your. The third one is for advertising purposes while the fourth one is to enable us share some of the information with our trusted partners.

We value your personal information especially because of the money factor which carries a lot of weight in real estate industry. We don’t share your personal information unless there is a very special reason to. Some of the reasons when we can share your information are if legal agencies request for it, or an advert you are interested in and which belongs to a third party. Your information is also shared if you log in to a chat platform which is operated by a third party.

We periodically review and update our privacy policy. When we do this, we will put an ‘effective day’ in a prominent place on this page. All the changes will also be featured on this page.